Damop 2010 thesis prize winner

Nominations of qualified women, members of underrepresented minority groups, and scientists from outside the United States are especially encouraged. A one-year postdoctoral stint in Richard Zare's group at Stanford was then followed by 7.

Jun Ye, describes the first experimental realization of an ultracold, near quantum degenerate gas of polar molecules. Adams and in our MPQ press release. The Hyatt in downtown Houston was an excellent venue with ample space for our ever growing but not yet overwhelming annual DAMOP meeting.

On Thursday afternoon the editors of Physical Review and Physical Review Letters held a tutorial for authors and referees, including how to write a useful report and how to rebut an unfavorable one. Kushner joined the faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he was the Founder Professor of Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering while also serving in many administrative roles.

Liz McCormack, chair of thesis prize committee, introduced the thesis prize finalists listed here, and the prizewinner, Kang-Kuen NI.

Inthe award was endowed by M Squared Lasers. Each new APS fellow received a certificate and pin. Katherine Centellas Disaster Community: Jun Ye, describes the first experimental realization of an ultracold, near quantum degenerate gas of polar molecules.

Any one of their invited sessions, or the invited talks at the beginning of their regular sessions would be a good bet.

Haddad Collegiate Professor in September More than international guests are expected! The nomination deadline is December 1, and Ana Maria can be contacted at: The symposium brought together renowned scholars and researchers, including 20 Nobel laureates, to explore the extraordinary challenges of 21st Century physics and cosmology.

The deadline for invited speaker nominations is September 3, ; the deadline for contributed abstract submissions is November 19, The conference wrapped up around In Octoberhe was among 18 young physics researchers selected as finalists in a global competition to participate in Amazing Light: She then moved across the ocean to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Deborah Jin Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Atomic, Molecular, or Optical Physics

Details can be found here. Lou DiMauro opens evening festivities at the banquet. The extent of this study and the rigour with which it has been undertaken was remarked upon by all of our judges.

Examples of prize-winning Ph.D. theses and dissertations

The program committee can only invite speakers who have been nominated. Nature Photonics reports on our work on remote entanglement and the single-atom quantum memory in their news and views section.

M Squared Lasers endows the DAMOP Thesis Prize

More information can be found here. Inshe began doctoral studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she joined the research group of Prof. DeMarco won first place in the Quantum Physics category for his research aimed at realizing quantum simulation using atoms trapped in an optical lattice.

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July 2010 Newsletter

His doctorate in theoretical atomic physics was earned in from the University of Chicago, under his advisor Ugo Fano. Details can be found here. As the pictures below suggest, the conference was a tremendous success. It proved ample room for posters and a comfortable setting for talks.

Among the attendees were international participants of whom 45 were from Canada and students of whom 27 were undergraduates.

Deborah Jin Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Atomic, Molecular, or Optical Physics

Tabitha Thomas TerasawaDr. Their presentations were fabulous and spanned a wide variety of research topics. For example, a person who passed their Ph. Graduate Student Thesis Prize Session We would like to recognize and congratulate all participants in the thesis prize session.As the recipient, Weichman will present a talk on her thesis, “Slow Photoelectron Velocity-Map Imaging and Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy of Cryo-Cooled Molecular and Cluster Ions,” in the DCP Prize Session at the APS March Meeting.

Invited, DAMOP thesis prize session, Laser cooling atoms to indistinguishability Contributed talk, SQUINT, A self-thermalizing quantum many-body state Invited Talk, Snowbird, Measuring entanglement entropy in a thermalizing many.

MA Thesis Prize Winners (–) Prior to the Class ofthe MA Thesis Prize was awarded to the most accomplished research thesis. Today, practical field research projects through the Global Knowledge Lab fulfill the research requirement of the MA at the Lauder Institute in lieu of the MA Thesis.

Prize. damop thesis prize winner Home › Forums › Business & Investment › damop thesis prize winner This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Keganjah 4 days, 2 hours ago. Michael W. Ray – Curriculum Vitae 3 Mass flow through solid 4He with R.

B. agronumericus.comed mas flow through a cell filled with solid 4He using a novel cell design that allowed for the injection of helium atoms into the solid at pressures greater than the bulk melting pressure of solid helium. Norman Yao Awarded DAMOP Thesis Prize July 1, Norman Yao (PhD ) The winner is chosen from among four finalists invited to give oral presentations of their work at the annual DAMOP Meeting - one of the largest gatherings of AMO physicists in the world.

Damop 2010 thesis prize winner
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