How to list sources when writing a paper

Merely documenting paraphrases and summaries at the end of paragraphs leaves your reader confused. Sources come in many forms, such as magazine and journal articles, books, newspapers, videos, films, computer discussion groups, surveys, or interviews.

Starting your research early will assure that you have time to get the sources that you want to consult. Your primary places for locating sources will be: A good rule is if in doubt, document. Masters Thesis, University of Alaska, Anchorage. Name of Institution, Location. Repeat step 2, listing more key words from your newly focused topic and questions.

Books The important thing to remember here is that, by the time a book is printed, the information is at least a couple of years old. Title of dissertation Doctoral dissertation.

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Academic integrity, explained in this way, sounds relatively simple. A book can have a great title, but no information. Be sure that your internet information is from a recognized source such as the government, an agency that you are sure is a credible source the Greenpeace web page, for example, or the web page for the National Institute of Healthor a credible news source CBS, NBC, and ABC all have web pages.

Strategies for integrating source material: Any time you summarize or paraphrase, you MUST acknowledge the source of your information.

Change your statement of purpose into a draft thesis statement. Once you insert these into the microfiche or microfilm machine and there are separate machines for eachyou will be able to see the text of the article that you are looking for.

Where to Document You must identify your sources in two places in your research paper: Be sure to smoothly integrate the quotation into the surrounding language, matching the syntax of the quotation to the syntax of the surrounding statement. There are many different ways to put together and present your thesis statement and supporting evidence.

Document any specific ideas, opinions, and facts that are not your own. That means that you should get yourself into the library. Talk to your writer Discuss all paper details with your writer. Practice guidelines for the treatment of patients with eating disorders 2nd ed.

Is the information presented accurately, to the best of your knowledge? For footnotes, the citation follows the period, e. An Entry in an Encyclopedia Bergmann, P. For more information, please consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed.

Most of the searches that you do for a research paper will be subject searches, unless you already know enough about the field to know some standard sources by author or title. If you are finding too much information, check this index to see at a glance all of the various headings and sub-headings for the subject.

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Unlimited revisions Our company has unlimited revisions option after you have received your paper. Check out the Content and Evaluation and Sources and Data sections.Citing Sources in a Research Paper | What Is a Citation?

In research and writing, a citation is a brief reference to a source of published information, providing sufficient bibliographic detail to enable the reader to locate a copy of the source (if copies exist).

This page uses the same formatting as the rest of your paper, with 1-inch margins, a legible point font and a header featuring your last name and page number. Gorman, Fitzalan.

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When listing sources in a bibliography at the end of a research paper, precision and accuracy are important. Keep a copy of your sources close by to refer to as you type your citations. Listing Books: Single Author and Multiple Authors. Writing Resources. EasyBib Essential Grammar Guides; Videos & Infographics Website.

Book. Journal. Newspaper. Cite This. A. Finding Sources. SUMMARY. Find credible sources using tools that are designed to find the types of sources you need.

Facts from reputable encyclopedias or similar sources can be used to supplement a. More Notes on Chicago Style Footnotes. In this guide, we use the phrase “Chicago style” to refer to references that take place in footnotes.

How to list sources when writing a paper
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