How to write a check to pay someone

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Share on Facebook Providing services to a professional business like a law firm can be profitable, but on occasion you may have to send a letter to that firm to request a payment that is past due.

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Date The date will usually be the day you are writing the cheque and needs to include the day, month and year. If you have a dispute with someone who owes you money and you accept a check for partial payment marked "payment in full," you might be agreeing to wipe out the rest of the debt.

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Best Suited For: A personal check best suits someone who is paying someone for a service rendered. Instead of paying somebody $ in cash for painting a room it is easier to pay in cash as people don’t usually carry larger sums of cash on them.

For example, if your business bought 30 new computers, and the payment was due on November 30th, you would send a check or other form of payment, along with a formal letter of payment, to the business or individual you bought them from.

Write “Pay to the Order of” on the top line to create the endorsement to the third party. Write the first and last name of the person to whom you wish to endorse the check on the next line. Step 4.

How to write a check to pay someone
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