The motor vehicles amendment act overview

Further, if the proposed Motor Vehicle Accident Fund is funded through a cess or a tax, motor vehicle owners may have to pay taxes in addition to paying the compulsory third party insurance premiums. In view of the unforeseen growth in automobile emissions in urban areas combined with the serious air pollution problems in many urban areas, the Congress has made significant changes to the motor vehicle provisions on the Clean Air Act.

The introduction of this clause means the industry will have to shift from a voluntary code to something that is legally enforceable.

The Standing Committee examining the Bill recommended deleting the provision relating to capping of liability. Electronic Monitoring The bill has a provision that asks the government to ensure proper electronic surveillance on national and state highways and urban roads.

Aggregators, however, now have to be compliant with the Information Technology Act, This is essential for de-duplication of licenses and registration of stolen vehicles. States that no person shall with intent to defraud operate a motor vehicle on any street or highway knowing that the odometer of such vehicle is disconnected or nonfunctional.

The Bill caps the maximum liability for third party insurance in case of a motor accident at Rs 10 lakh in case of death and at five lakh rupees in case of grievous injury. Retrieved 4 July Section A of the Act Now, any case of accident done by a minor, the guardian of the minor will be deemed guilty and will be punished with 3 years of imprisonment and fine of Rs.

Situations arising out of limited liability if compensation awarded by the court is higher than Rs 10 lakh maximum liability under the Bill Liability of the insurer Payment of additional amount Issues Case 1: It may be cumbersome for insurance companies to recover the additional amount from individuals.

For those who receive licences between the ages of 30 and 50, the licence will remain valid for 10 years. This implies that the government through a notification for the scheme may specify the offences which would carry these penalties.

The new law also establishes a clean fuel car pilot program in California, requiring the phase-in of tighter emission limits forvehicles in model year andby the model year This growth has offset a large portion of the emission reductions gained from motor vehicle controls.

Definitions[ edit ] Some of the definitions from the act are given below: Under the Act, compensation for hit and run victims comes from a Solatium Fund.

Will Parliament pass Motor Vehicle Act (Amendment) Bill 2017 this monsoon session?

This will facilitate uniformity of the process across the country. This include enabling online learning licenses, increasing validity period for driving licenses, doing away with the requirements of educational qualifications for transport licenses are some of the features.

The central government will determine the limits of liability in such cases. Some of these are highlighted below. It received assent from the Governor General of India on 2 September These guidelines protect Good Samaritans bystanders who come forward, in good faith, to help road accident victims from civil and criminal liability and make it optional for them to disclose their identity to the police or medical personnel.

In such a scenario, the central guidelines will prevail because motor vehicles laws fall under the Concurrent List in the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution.

Currently with unlimited liability, and compensation amounts increasing in the recent years, insurance companies have been reporting losses in the third party insurance business. Registration of Motor Vehicle to be cancelled To improve the registration process for new vehicles, registration at the end of the dealer is being enabled and restrictions have been imposed on temporary registration.

Currently, all taxi permits including aggregators, radio taxis are issued by state transport authorities.

The Act amended sections 11 and 18 of the Act. The Bill does not address several issues around road safety that have been highlighted by other committees such as: Further, twenty-six of the dirtiest areas of the country will have to adopt a program limiting emissions from centrally-fueled fleets of 10 or more vehicles beginning as early as Launched inthese online platforms have been working towards the creation of a centralized database and making the process of obtaining licenses and registrations swifter.

Solatium Fund The Act already has a Solatium Fund for victims of hit-and-run accidents, but the new Bill has also provided for another Fund. Some princely states followed suit, with local modifications.

Ensuring electronic monitoring across roads in a state could incur a significant amount of infrastructure investment on part of the states such as CCTV cameras, speed detectors, training programmes, etc.

Currently, state governments determine guidelines for plying of taxis.

10 Things To Know About The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2016

Authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to conduct inspections or investigations necessary for enforcement. The Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha on August 9,aiming to amend the Motor Vehicles Act,and resolve issues around third party insurance, regulation of taxi aggregators, and road safety.

PRS makes every effort to use reliable and comprehensive information, but PRS does not represent that the contents of the report are accurate or complete. This will provide an automatic cover for all road accident victims in India. It envisages body cams on traffic cops and RTO officials to check corruption and 7 year imprisonment instead of current 2 years for drink-driving deaths, mandatory 3rd party insurance for all vehicles, and stiffer penalties for traffic violations to reduce the accident rates.Unless exempted from the provisions of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act, a person shall not operate an off-highway motor vehicle unless the off-highway motor vehicle has been registered in accordance with Chapter 66, Article 3 NMSA The owner shall affix the validating sticker as provided in Chapter 66, Article 3 NMSA This Act may be called the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2.

Substitution of new section for section Substitution of new section for section For section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act, (59 of ) (hereinafter referred to as the principal Act), the following section shall be substituted, namely:.

Jul 19,  · The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, was passed by the Lok Sabha on April 10,and is pending in the Rajya Sabha. The Upper House is Author: Sruthi Radhakrishnan. Cabinet approves Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill Historical Step towards making roads safe and save lakhs of innocent lives.

03 Aug, In the present Motor Vehicle Act, there are Sections out of which the Bill aims to amend 68 sections whereas Chapters 10 has been deleted and a Chapter 11 is being replaced with new. Motor Vehicles Act, (59 of ) is a Central legislation through which the road transport is regulated in the country.

By the Motor Vehicles (Amendment). The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, was introduced in Lok Sabha on December 15, by Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Mr Nitin Gadkari it seeks to amend the Motor Vehicles Act .

The motor vehicles amendment act overview
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