Write a note on the hazards related to use of agrochemicals

AgroChemical Use in Michoacn, Mexico - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Fertilisers supplied as granules or naturally occurring rock powders may be applied by hand or by tractor-drawn machine. They may be cleaned in accordance with the labeled instructions. In addition, any person working at the site of exit might require some respiratory protection.

They are also concerned with transport, which may be from suppliers to farm or from store to field. Dispensing Agrochemicals such as fertilisers, dusts and granules may be supplied ready for use.


In setting the tolerance, EPA must make a safety finding that the pesticide can be used with "reasonable certainty of no harm. Rupandehi district where this study had been carried out lies near the border between Nepal and India.

Such data sheets contain essential detailed information regarding the identity and classification of the product, the hazards it presents and the appropriate safety precautions and emergency procedures. A total of cocoa farmers in the two states were interviewed using structured, pretested and validated interview schedule.

Agrochemicals should be stored under lock and key is well organised so that on delivery agrochemicals can be promptly stored and properly shelved and stacked in a secure and orderly way with clearly visible labels.

Agrochemical Industry In India - Swot Analysis

In addition, majority of cocoa farmers in two states could not read the instruction on the chemical label. What would you advise?

These are acutely toxicity, chronic toxicity, tetragenicity and have ability of biological concentrations. New breeds of maize, beans, and wheat produced bumper crops with proper inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides and careful cultivation.

Human health problems are ranging from muscle weakness, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, headache, respiratory distress, leukemia, brain and liver damage and even death in case of ingestion of high dose.

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Packages need to be resistant to these pressures or the corrosive action of chemicals. These should be buried. Ensure that the user is competent and that he or she has received effective training in application techniques and the precautions to be observed.

The effort went on for decades; by the late s, between 14 million and 16 million tonnes of lime were being spread on Brazilian fields each year. In Nigeria poor literacy and ineffective regulatory measures have a impact on public health.

Describe any cases of poisoning in your locality from a inhalation, b ingestion, c skin absorption, d all routes.The results showed high risk exposure of cocoa farmers to toxicity and hazards of agrochemicals used on their cocoa farms.

Farmers’ Knowledge Level of Precautionary Measures in Agro-Chemicals Usage on Cocoa Production in Osun and Edo States, Nigeria “Assessment of Operational habits and health related problems in the use. Food and Pesticides Pesticides are widely used in producing food to control pests such as insects, rodents, weeds, bacteria, mold and fungus.

Under the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA), EPA must ensure that all pesticides used on food in the United States meet FQPA's stringent safety standard.

Safety and health in the use of agrochemicals A guide An ILO contribution to the International Programme on Chemical Safety (a collaborative programme of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Perceptions of Farmers' and Farmworkers' Wives on the Use and Hazards of Agrochemicals in Rural Vellore Related Articles; Comments; Cite. Recommended Citation. Perceptions of Farmers' and Farmworkers' Wives on the Use and Hazards of Agrochemicals in Rural Vellore Mark Rohit Francis, Leeberk Raja.

Bharat Book introduces a report "Agrochemical Industry In India - Swot Analysis".So the industry is bound to experience healthy growth rate in the years to come. knowledge of hazards, which must be correct, is important for the prevention of acute and chronic poisoning: The third section of the questionnaire consisted of questions related to their practice on safety use 2.

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Write a note on the hazards related to use of agrochemicals
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